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There is no Port without estate; hence the importance of the Port estate in the development strategies of any given Port.

As for the Port district of Abidjan, the statutes of the Abidjan Port Authority (PAA) require that the State, by concession, put at the disposal of the Port of Abidjan developed lands for the performance of its tasks.

Thus, the Abidjan Port Authority has for a long time been blessed with a Port public estate which allowed the implementation of its major projects.

The Port Estate consists of a water surface and of a land platform; it extends over an area of about 1062 ha 94A 83 ca. Its limits begin in Plateau before the CARENA Bridge and ends in Vridi at the Training Centre of the PAA through the Treichville district. As such, the Port district straddles three (03) districts namely PLATEAU and TREICHVILLE, PORT-BOUËT.

The Port of Abidjan is divided into two large main areas: the area under Customs control and the non- Customs area